To be assessed for eligibility, all applicants must go through the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC). Once granted their residence in Bella, each new resident is thoroughly interviewed and assessed for all their medical, physical, emotional and recreational needs. We genuinely love getting to know our new residents, and creating their individualized care plan is therefore very important to us as it helps us provide the high standard of care that our Home is widely known for.

Our dedicated Personal Support Workers (PSWs) befriend all of our residents from the first day they arrive and make every effort to allow new residents to feel comfortable and at home. Together with the help of PSWs, Bella physicians and nurses continually assess and monitor all residents' health and well-being. We strive to ensure that each resident has the autonomy to have his or her input be incorporated into care decisions.

The Restorative Nursing staff works in collaboration with Physiotherapists and Occupational therapists to maintain our residents’ physical mobility. In addition to private and group classes, the restorative staff offer a slew of other important services, and provide adaptive devices to residents who require them.

Bella has many programs, such as Falls Prevention and Least Restraint, to assist our residents in living a quality life. Bella also offers an extensive Palliative Care Program to provide comfort and support to residents, family and staff during the last transition of life. We are also strong advocates of the Best Practice Guidelines approach to all activities of daily living. Bella is legislated by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and proudly supports the Residents' Bill of Rights.

Our family council is another important part of our community. This voluntary group of families and friends of residents meet on a regular basis to act as a liaison between the resident’s family members or friends and the staff of the Home. The council strives to facilitate communication and promote partnerships to maintain or improve a positive quality of life for all residents.

Bella's dedicated staff provide nursing care 24/7/365. You and your loved one can rest assured that our Home offers a safe, calm, and enjoyable environment to all who live there.