Bella Senior Care strives to provide a wide variety of programs and activities that are tailored to meet the individual and group needs of our residents. Our monthly recreation calendar offers an array of daily programs and events that cater to the social, emotional, spiritual, physical and cognitive needs of all residents. Check out our monthly bulletin too!.


We offer large and small group programs as well as individualized one-to-one activities.

  • Cognitive programs aim to maintain or improve cognition and brain functioning; some of our more popular cognitive programs include Word Games, Trivia, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Crosswords, News and Views, etc.
  • We strive to meet physical needs through a variety of physical programs and target range of motion, fine and gross motor skills, and movement in activities including Balloon Tennis, Horseshoes, Bocce Ball, Mini Putt, Bowling, etc.
  • Programs that elicit an emotional response and provide forums for reminiscing and emotional growth include Memory Lane, Reminiscing, Green Thumb, and Sensory Stimulation.
  • Social programs provide an arena for social stimulation and interaction among residents, staff, families, volunteers, etc. Such programs include Café Visits, Patio Socials, Sing A-longs, etc.

Bella offers on-site church services every Friday morning that involve Clergy from the Community, and attempts to meet the spiritual needs of all resident faiths. Non-denominational Hymn Sings led by recreation staff are held every Sunday morning in our Chapel.

Celebration & Recreation Rooms

Our 3rd Floor houses our Celebration Room and Recreation Room. Both Rooms are multi-purpose rooms utilized for both large and smaller group events and programs.

The Celebration Room provides a spacious area for our most popular programs. One of these programs includes our weekly pub nights. Residents and families gather together on Wednesday evenings to relax and enjoy live entertainment. Singing and dancing is always a feature at these events!

The Celebration Room also houses our 70-inch wall mounted Smart TV. This is the perfect piece of equipment for one of our other popular activities: Wii Games! The Bella Wii Bowling League competes multiple times each week, and is loads of fun. Residents are divided into teams and are provided with a bowling schedule for the season. The teams play against each other and hold playoffs until the team with the most points is crowned as the winner! A Bowling Banquet follows wherein all teams receive their award ribbons and are treated to a catered lunch.

The Recreation Room provides an environment for many different types of games, including shuffleboard, ping pong, billiards, board games, and activities such as crafts and painting groups.

Gardening Programs

Our indoor Horticulture Room on our 3rd Floor allows residents the opportunity to grow and care for various plants and flowers. The Horticulture Room provides a warm and peaceful environment where residents and families can relax in comfort while enjoying a scenic view. Gardening programs occur multiple times each week both indoors and outdoors (weather permitting).

The Outdoor Courtyard is located in the middle of the building and is a scenic area to relax and enjoy some fresh air. Raised gardening beds allow for residents to garden and plant without the need to bend. They especially provide easy access for residents in wheelchairs to participate in all aspects of gardening. Flowers and vegetables are planted each season and residents are engaged in their cultivation and care. During the summer months, large events are held in the courtyard and are enhanced by the scenic outdoor setting. Barbeques are also held within the courtyard area over the summer months.


Residents are given the opportunity to participate in outings on multiple occasions each week. Outings are extremely varied and can include lunches, dinners, breakfasts, shopping, scenic drives, theatre and movie outings, casino, picnics, etc. The sky is the limit! We even participate in an overnight camping trip every year to the KOA campground! This is a favourite outing for those residents who attend!


Volunteers from all sectors of the community are always welcome to join the Bella family. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities available including, but not limited to, administrative volunteers, programs assistants, friendly visitors, café operators, outings assistants, gardening, maintenance, etc. We appreciate and celebrate our volunteers annually and are always grateful for the assistance! Volunteers make all the difference.


Our on-site Community Daycare, A Child’s World, provides excellent opportunities for daily intergenerational programming. Interactive programming with residents and the children occur each morning and also during special events. Programs always involve some type of activity shared by residents and the children including crafts, outdoor programs, bowling, sing a-longs, etc., and they always end in lots of hugs!

Snoezelen Room

Our lovely Snoezelen Room provides an environment that both stimulates and calms the senses. Residents are free to explore the various stimuli within in the room including lighting effects, tactile items, sounds, aromas, etc. Relaxation is facilitated by promoting focus on free will and allowing residents the choice to interact or not interact with items as they wish. This in turn reduces anxiety and pain (both physical and emotional), and can also lead to improved communication and functioning.

Holidays and Grand Events

Bella celebrates all holidays and provides a wide variety of themed events throughout the year. Annual events that are always highly anticipated include our Country Western Corn Roast held annually in August. Residents and our daycare children assist in husking the corn in the morning and then it is slowly roasted on the barbeque as residents enjoy live country music. Our Strawberry Social is held in June, wherein residents prepare large quantities of fresh local strawberries and serve them over ice cream while being entertained by a Barbershop Quartet. Carabana is held in July; residents enjoy fresh tropical fruit in a Caribbean atmosphere while enjoying the sounds of a steel drum band. Grape and Wine festival is observed in September; residents assist in making their own wine at local establishments and then celebrate with a Wine and Cheese party. Many other wonderful events are held throughout the year as well. Check the monthly calendar for details!

Program Staff

Our Recreation staff provide programming from 9am-8pm daily, including weekends and all holidays. Staff have achieved a degree or diploma in Therapeutic Recreation and have been trained in Montessori and GPA practices.

Our secure unit has a designated recreation staff member that provides four hours of one-to-one and Montessori programming on a daily basis to cater to the specific needs of residents with cognitive impairments and dementia.

Resident Council

Bella has an active Resident Council that encourages membership for all residents in the Home. The Council meets monthly and reviews any issues, concerns, or positive feedback regarding all aspects of the home. Residents are encouraged to attend and have their voices heard on a wide variety of subjects to ensure the best quality of care is being provided.

Members of the Council also volunteer for the Bella Welcome Wagon, wherein new residents are greeted by Home Area Representatives and are given a gift bag, as well as information on the Council and operations of the home from a resident perspective. This program definitely provides a warm welcome to all new faces!