1. "I'm very happy here! Everything is great!"- Giselle A. (resident)

2. "The girls are always around to help! I always have someone to talk to and they make sure my needs are met!"- John J. (resident)

3. "I love how it's like a home! I can put my plants, books and pictures in my room"- Ruth B. (resident)

4. "The staff are always smiling and make me laugh"- Jean M. (resident)

5. "The staff are very kind and helpful. The nurses are always there when you need them. The building and our bedding couldn't be any cleaner! I'm glad I came here" - Dolly N. (Resident)

6. "Staff! They make Bella a great place to be! I always look forward to seeing them!"- (resident)

7. "I like the games we play, people are very friendly, food is really good" - (resident)

8. "Very friendly staff"- Helen W. (resident)

9. "Fred and I are very well cared for. The surroundings are nice and I feel very safe here! Everyone is so helpful and friendly"- Margaret D. (resident)

10. "I really enjoy it! After doing many co-op placements, Bella has been the only home to provide a wide range of programs! The staff are amazing... and I am happy to now be a part of the Bella team!"- Liane J. (staff)

11. "#1 home in Niagara!"- (staff)

12. "I love how there is always something for me to do!"- Anne S. (resident)

13. "Bella is a wonderful home. I have worked here for over 11 years and have loved every minute of it! Staff show genuine care and concern for all residents and their families. We put a lot of heart into the care we provide and it shows! We love our residents and strive to brighten their days" -Traci B. (staff)

14. "We receive great care, recreation is excellent, rooms are always clean!"- Helen B. (Resident)

15. "Bella is clean, comfortable and [has] wonderful staff" - Roy K. (Resident)

16. "I love how we are able to participate in bingo! Bella is clean and well taken care of. Staff are very nice!"- Colleen T. (Resident)

17. "Smiles of the staff! They make Bella a happy place"- (resident)

18. "Bella has wonderful staff! They are very kind, nice and considerate. The building is nice and clean"- (resident)

19. "Bella is a beautiful building. It's very clean. The rooms are elegant. Staff are excellent and the grounds are nice!"- (resident)

20. "I love it here! I'd live here myself!" - Rhonda S. (family of resident)

21. "I love it here, my husband loves it here and I tell everyone what a great home it is. I haven't met one person I didn't like"- Diane F.

22. "I feel great knowing that even though she can't be in her own home anymore, and we can't be here all of the time, that Grandma lives here with her 'other family'. The staff are truly genuine in the way they care. The food is great, lots of variety! There's always something exciting going on too for her to do!" Anonymous Family Member